Meri and Tatsuya – Honeymoon wedding photography taormina

Meri and Tatsuya

Honeymoon wedding photography in taormina

They had a dream : have fairytale wedding pictures in Italy! So several months before they contacted me in order to plan an amazing Honeymoon wedding photography in Taormina

I suggest them this old town to have elegant and fairytale pictures because i think it is so romantic and exclusive venue.

Taormina is build in a hill looking to the sea and Etna and is a place full of history.

It was inhabited from old Greeks and after old Romans and a lot of old buildings create a very charming town.

So finally several mails after, in august, i can meet Meri and Tatsusya,

It was a nice warm day and they are so kind and enthusiast. The atmosphere was so intimate and romantic so i tried to keep it using low naturals lights in the shadows, making so same thoughtful portraits

Tatsuya looking Meri deeply and she smiling excited. They walked a lot but hand in hand so the road was really lovely.

After a day we spent other time at Isola Bella , we was alone under the sky listening only the sound of the sea. Just few lights create a magical and intimate atmosphere anche it was a perfect scenario to create so amazing pictures. I had in my head the music of Sakamoto (merry christmass mr Lawrence) that ispired me during shooting, i think could be a perfect soundtrack of this pictures

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