Annie and Craig destination wedding Taormina

Annie and Craig

destination wedding photography Taormina

They came from uk destination Taormina for an intimate wedding.It was 31th of July, an very warm day, Craig a bit nervous waiting out of the Duchi Santo Stefano building at the begin of the center of Taormina.

with him is waiting his parents, so excited despite Craig not was the first sons of them to getting married.

Sky up Taormina was so blu that morning and light so beautiful, seams that every stone of the little roads of this charming sicilian Town was so excited  waiting for Annie, same ray light was cutting shadows in perfect geometric and decisive way.

As decisive was this day for Annie and Craig and for their life. As destination wedding photographer everyday i know that, and always i am honored to be chosen to take special memories with my photography of so special day and i am proud 2 times because people chosen me from others sides of the world.

They decide to getting married in an other place of the their world, they have to chose something of special, so everything have to be special: the venues, the feelings and also the photography!

I repeat this in my head everytime as a mantra when i take photography for destination wedding in Taormina, in Sicily or everywhere.

If They trust me i have a mission: give them unforgettable memories of wedding. So the same thought was in my mind when Annie excited hired me, they finally realized a dream and have destination wedding photography in Taormina was a little part of this dream, so i was responsible for in small percentage of the realization of this.

They finished this wornderful day having very excellent meal in the Granduca Restaurant in Taormina, one of the most famous restaurant there that have also a wonderful panorama of the bay of Taormina and Giardini Naxos

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