Bella and Phil – destination wedding sicily

Bella and Phil destination wedding sicily

wedding photography in taormina

Italy, Sicily, Taormina, Isola Bella, La plage resort. That venue in that special wedding day really seams to be a point of connection of several side of the world. Taormina was the destination from so different part of the planet for a lot of people, so different but each one so happy to join Bella and Phil that are getting married in sicily. So for at least one day Taormina was the center of the world ( and i am not talking about the G7 summit in taormina!). In fact Bella and Phil are really world citizen, indeed he origin of bella are from Vietnam but she lived in Canada, Phil is born and grew up in Germany and now both lives and works in London. The guest of this wedding was coming from USA,Japan,Vietnam,Canada,Germany,UK and more and more...

for me as destination wedding photographer is normal work in multicultural environment

but no time like this i saw in same place at the same time people coming really all parts of the world. And it is nice think that all people that decide to move from home to Italy, Sicily and in the small Isola Bella in Taormina was moved by the Love of Bella and Phil.Despite I meet for the first time Bella and Phil only few days before wedding but after several mails, video call and messages , I can affirm
that i so enjoyable spend time with this couple that i can understand why so much people decide to leave home to celebrate this so special destination wedding in sicily.

My photography service was not only reserved at the day of the wedding but also we planned a session of couple portrait wedding photography before to getting married. We was around the old town of Taormina, in the public garden and unfortunately not a the greek theatre because was this day not available for an important music concert. In any case we spend a so amazing day collecting very nice shot that will be so special memories of Bella and Phil's wedding in Sicily.

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