Sicily best place to take wedding pictures

  • Acitrezza

Acitrezza is small fisherman town mentioned in famous novel "I Malavoglia" of G.Verga. It is famous also for the big lavic rocks in the sea "I Faraglioni" that was throwed by the Cyclope Polifemo to the sea in order to hit the ship of Ulisse. You can see the Faraglioni in the landscape of picture above made by destination wedding photographer Fabio Grasso PH.Other interesting view are from the port in front to the little island "Lachea" in the picture below in the letf.

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  • Mount Etna

The famous Etna don't need any other presentation, it is just the higher european active volcano. About pictures the Etna offer several opportunity to make amazine wedding pictures. The picture above ( is taken in the north side near  "piano provenzana" that is possible join directly by the car from the town Linguaglossa. Etna is interesting also as landscape, If Etna is "smooking" and sky is clean it is to have very amazing pictures from the east coast of Sicily from Catania to Taormina. the picture below in the right is taken from the pubblic garden in Taormina

  • Taormina

Taormina is a magic very old town. Taormina has been a luxury tourist destination since the 19th century.The area around Taormina was inhabited by the Siculi even before the Greeks arrived on the Sicilian coast in 734 BC to found a town called Naxos. The theory that Tauromenion was founded by colonists from Naxos is confirmed by Strabo and other ancient writers (

The view from Taormina is breathtaking, from a hill above the sea it is possible to sea from Catania to Messina and the Etna that as the smooking queen dominates the Sicily East cost.

About the pictures point of view Taormina offer a lot of place, both in the center of old town and out near the sea and the fantastic small island "Isola Bella".

The picture above and the 4 pictures below are taken inside the pubblic garden, that in the past was the private garden of Lady Florence Trevelyan,an cousin of Queen Victoria. In the garder there are also some artistic building named "victorian follies" (picture belove in the left). From pubblic garden it is possible admire the sea and the Etna. It is magic take pictures at the sunset behind the Etna. All picture are taken by Fabio Grasso PH


  • Taormina

Other idea about wedding pictures in Taormina in these pages. All picture are taken by Fabio Grasso PH. Below in the left the building Of "Duchi di S.Stefano" where is possible inside celebrate civil ceremony.In the right side below and in the left side more below 2 view of the main street of Taormina center (only pedestrian) "Corso Umberto" . in the other picture it is possible see an other famous place "piazza IX Aprile".

The last but not sure the least is the view from the Greek-Roman Theatre in the other pictures below. for more detailes about visit :

  • Taormina

It is possible to have others fantastic pictures also to the small island in front to Taormina named "Isola Bella". within 1990 it was private, now is property of sicilian region ( Both these two pictures are taken by Fabio Grasso PH


  • Catania and east cost

Catania  is the second largest city of Sicily after Palermo located on the east coast facing the Ionian Sea. It is the capital of the Metropolitan City of Catania, one of the ten biggest cities in Italy, and the seventh largest metropolitan area in Italy. The population of the city proper is 320,000 while the population of the city's metropolitan area, Metropolitan City of Catania, stood at 1,116,168 inhabitants.

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