artistic wedding reportage

Art Reportages

The pictures of Fabio Grasso are made in spontaneous way to tell really about your emotions and your wedding memories. His pictures are made in pictorial and cinematic mood. Fabio Grasso is an art lover, he  take ispiration from painting and movie to create fairytale wedding pictures.

Pictorial cinematic mood

Fabio Grasso love edit all pictures creating movie and pictorial color mood edited in unique way by himself not using any commercial filter. So with the Fabio's Grasso Photography any real moment and real emotion become a poetic memory of your wedding

destination wedding photographer

we will reach you in Taormina, Sicily, Italy and worldwide


Choose Taormina in the est cost of Sicily for your exclusive and amazing wedding pictures. Taormina is a beautiful old town rich of historical building and churches. It is a perfect location for classy and artistic wedding pictures, near the hill and the blu sea of Isola Bella, near the Etna and others amazing sicilian places. Fabio Grasso will be able to suggest you best places and will paint with his photography your real emotions in cinematic and pictorial way.

Sicily, Italy and all over the world

Fabio Grasso is a traveller and lover of the world, his travelled to reach beauty and soul inside of the people and of the places . Fabio Grasso can reach you all over the word to keep your memories in his artistic pictures. Fabio Grasso will interpret reality in movie and pictorial way, chosing amazing light to photograph your emotions , your love and your wedding memories in unique and poetry way.

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